Intel Atom N475 vs VIA C7-M ULV 1.2GHz

Its been awhile since my last post. But for now, i want to discuss about these 2 cpus.

I have Atom N475 powered netbook and my father has HPmini 2133, VIA C7-M ULV 1.2GHz powered netbook.

But some factors are troubles me. Why VIA C7-M is kinda faster than Atom N475, even VIA has 1.2GHz and N475 has 1.8GHz?
Based on , VIA has 128KB L1 and 128KB L2 while N475 has 32KB/24KB (66KB) L1 and 512KB L2.

i dont know whether spec is correct, but i really feels the VIA powered cpu is faster than Atom powered cpu. but i find any officially C7-M vs Intel Atom N475 reviews.

what do you think about these cpus?
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  1. Atom is better. Via is built on the 90nm process and atom on the 45nm, atom has hyperthreading, via does not, bigger cache, higher clockspeed, no competition at all
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