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I've been building computers for friends / family over the summer and making some decent money for doing something that comes easy to me.. I haven't really gotten the whole cable management technique all the way down as of yet, are there any recommendations on how/where to learn to do it efficiently and or properly thank you?
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  1. This is a pretty good guide

    Basic cable management involves zip ties and simply grouping cables and pulling them as much as possible out of air flow. It's not really an aesthetic thing at that level.

    Next level would be hiding cables with black or colored covers of one sort or another.

    The next level involves modifying a case or buying a case that allows for routing cables out of sight.

    Then finally you have the re-sleeving of cables individually, so that they all share a common color that is coordinated with the rest of the build.
  2. Huh the above website is instructables dot com . Not sure why we would be blocking it, looks fine to me.

    Some basic tips here

    This has some good ideas too
  3. Another good idea that i came across are cable extensions such as]

    for power supply cable extensions.

    In my case i have a few cold cathode light strips that have about a 4 inch 2 pair cable on them, and i spliced in a longer cable so i could hide them.
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