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Hi all yesterday i was playing dayz and left for an hour to go to the gym. When i left i did not shut off my computer but rather my monitor. When i returned my monitor had no signal and when i turn on my computer it wont receive one. Opening up my comp all the fans and lights are working including the graphics card. The only lights that are not on are my keyboard and mouse.

I started to troubleshoot by removing the ram and turning the comp on, i did not hear a beep however i do not have an internal speaker. I can confirm the monitor is fine however i cant check my g card because i do not have a spare. The card however has been working great with no hiccups at all. My guess is the motherboard bit the dust does anyone have any other ideasAlso when i turn it on it sounds like the processor and hd are working

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  1. Got a spare VGA cable that you could try?
  2. Just tried another vga cable still nothing
  3. Just to see if your video card is the culprit, try plugging in the VGA cable from your monitor to your motherboard's VGA port.
    Also, can you check your GPU on a friend's PC?
  4. Ill try that but i removed the gpu and hooked it up to the motherboards vga port and nothing
  5. Well, now that points out to the monitor. Have you got a spare one?
  6. Yea tried it and nothing on the monitor the monitor is fine
  7. What do you mean by that? You mean you tried another monitor on your PC too?
  8. Yea monitor is not the prob
  9. have you tried resetting your bios?
  10. Yup took out battery and waited 30 min nothing
  11. Friend said a common problem that does this is a blown cap
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