New build but its freezing

Hey.. im desperate.. i just built a new PC but its giving me trouble.

The specs

ASrock P67 pro3 SE
Corsair TX650
Intel i5 2500k
4GB of 1333 RAM
Corsair Crucial V4 SSD(windows 7 64 bit)
Regular Samsung HD 1TB

And the trouble is that it freezes in every 6 seconds or so for a moment of 1 second pretty frequently... yet i can still remove the mouse cursor.Its in general very sluggish...

it gave me blue screens yesterday, to a point where i had to reinstall the wn 7 the second time.. the blue screens stopped but the freezing and slowness was retained.I just got a message upon boot that " boot mgr not found"

And before that it performed some drive sector check or the like...

please, i hope you can help me out here... im really desperate.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Id really like some input... :(
  2. opiate said:
    Id really like some input... :(

    I'l try to help you out:

    1: Make sure all of the drivers are up to date (bios, Graphics card etc)
    2: Make sure that win 7 is fully updated with all of the latest patches
    3: When you reloaded win7 did you make sure to reformat the hard drive?
    4: Have you run chkdsk on the hard drive with error checking?
    5: are you overclocking?
    6: What does the motherboard have the ram timing set at? Is it the right timing for your ram?

    Sounds to me like it's a hard drive issue, I have no experience with samsung hard drives, but a hard drive can go out at any time new or not.

    If everything up to this point checks out OK, try taking out 1 stick of ram, booting up and seeing how it runs, if it still does it, then remove the other stick, replace the first stick then reboot and see how it runs then.

    If you are still having an issue come back and I or someone else I'm sure will help you out.

    Good luck
  3. Thank you very much alazeer! Yes it was a hard drive issue... had to do a partition install and it was okay...THOUGH now i have run into another problem.

    I have to manually specify boot device through F11 BIOS for the computer to reach desktop.The F2 bios menu doesent recognize my boot SSD drive.Everything else is fine.
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