What is a good budget for this system?

I have this system

i5 2500k@3.3 ghz

8 gb kingston hyper x


and I am going to upgrade the graphics card in march I know it is too far away to know what will be out but I need to know if $330 is a good gpu price range for a $1600 computer?

Something like the nvidia march 7870 equivelent?

Thank you
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  1. That would be a pretty good budget. What resolution do you plan to play on?
  2. 1920x1080 3d
  3. For 3D, I would suggest getting an Nvidia card as they tend to have better support for it. 3D at that res would require a 670 to play demanding games at max settings most likely. So you may have to up your budget a bit.
  4. I am 14 and unemplayed that is as high as I can go :/
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