I7 950 only showing 2 cores in bios

My i7 950 only showing 2 cores in bios thair is no seting for 4 cores,windows 7 showing 4 cores. My motherboard is a evga X58 classified 3 . Has my i7 950 gone bad?
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  1. Just download cpu-z software and see.
  2. cpu-z shows 4 cores.
  3. update BIOS, could be a bug. I hope you are seeing 8 logical processors in task manager and on second thoughts let the BIOS be unless you are looking to OC etc.
  4. Cpu-z shows 4 cores and 8 logical processors My windows 7 showes the same info.Im not OC.I guess i will let the BIOS be intill i start to have problems or up grade my processor.Then i will update.Thanks for your help!
  5. you are welcome :)
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