Problem upgrading graphics card


my system configuration is :
Motherboard :GA -8I865GME- 775
CPU :intel p4 HT 3.06GHz
RAM:1.5GB ddr1
graphics:On board intel 82865G graphics adapter

i have an AGP 4x/8x(1.5v) slot

i am currently running win 7 but not its aero features and transperency due to unsuppored motherboard
now i want to install a new graphics card in my AGP slot and my question is :

1. which graphics card should i install so that i can run win 7 aero features.
2. i have a Samsung CRT 17" monitor ,will it conflict with the graphic card to run win 7 aero features or i should buy a LCD.
3.Should the "DDR" of the graphic card taken in consideration for compatibility.

"please keep in mind that i cannot buy a new computer"

thank you in advance
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  1. These cards are no longer made as the interface is obsolete. Also drivers are no longer being developed for them. I would suggest you look at ebay to find a used one. Even when you get one, you will notice a sizable performance hit if you turn on the Win7 visual effects (Areo, transparencies, etc.). I would also suggest you go to Control Panel; System; Performance; and select the scheme for best performance. It will turn off all the visual effects. Given you can not upgrade the system a new GPU card will improve the system some but you will still be limited it what it can do in today's software environment. The card will be compatible with your monitor. Here is the Ebay link (
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