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Please help new computer won't boot!

So, today I started assembling my computer..
I took my time and followed the manuals carefully and did just about everything right.
After some long hours of finally setting everything up I thought I was good to go. The computer would not boot. Fans don't turn on no sound..Nothing.. It did have some sign of life. The power button lights up for half a second then powers down when I press it. If I press again afterwards nothing happens.

Here are the specs.

MB: Asrock z77 extreme4
CPU: i5 3570k
RAM: Corsair Vegeance 1600mhz (4gb x2)
Chassis: Haf 912
GPU: Gigabyte windforce 660ti
HDD: 1.5tb Seagate barracuda
PSU: Coolermaster 750w GX
After Market CPU Cooler: Cooler Master hyper 212 evo
Optical Drive: some basic Asus.

What I've already done. I did mount the MB and alined it properly. Installed Ram until it snapped shut. Carefully place CPU so it aligns with pins. Applied a pea sized amount of thermal paste and let the weight of the heatsink spread it. Hooked the CPU and Mainboard power connections securely.
I wondered if my power supply didn't work. I confirmed it does work very well when I used it on another computer.
I double checked my connections for every device they all looked just fine. I have set up another computer before so I do have an idea of what I'm doing.

I mean I think I did everything right and about out of ideas.. Man why do I deserve this. Now I need your help.
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  2. Wow get this.. I got it to run when I took off everything but the cpu and power supply. Then I slowly connected everything else to find the culprit.

    It was the case fan... I did something where I connected it to the power supply (converter cable) to onto the motherboard.. It wouldn't start with that plugged in but with everything else it worked.. SO now the front fan won't turn on simply because I know not to connect that without a proper extension..
  3. Well, good thing you got it.
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  5. Well I got emails nagging me to select a best answer and here you go Finneous. You did hint me into getting to the right direction in which "breadboarding" got this thing troubleshooted.
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