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AMD or Intel for my budget, also some cpu insight

okay i know there are a lot of wars about this, but i want to know the answer to this question based on this criteria.
For gaming (guild wars 2, left for dead, star wars online and skyrim) and not bottlenecking my hd7850 is there any intel chip at or under $105 dollars better than the AMD fx-6100

if not give me some insight on why i would or would not get the fx-6100... The thing i don't understand is why a 6x 3.3ghz (with 523 average 5 star ratings) gets lower scores on benchmark for skyrim than a relatively cheaper g860 2x 3.0ghz... is there something crucial other than ghz and cores that i'm not seeing here.

thanks guys.
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    fx-6100 is worse in gaming than a pentium because each of the individual cores in fx-6100 is much weaker than each of pentium cores and games benefit from stronger cores rather than no. of cores. thats why a cheaper pentium will perform better in games than fx-6100.
    on the basis of this fact i advice you to go for the pentium G860
  2. Excuse this, but how do you tell that each of it's cores are stronger? What piece of information in it's spec sheet tells that?
  3. its been proven by testing their cores in various benchmarks as well as real life testing using various benchmarking tools
  4. what about the AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition Deneb 3.4GHz. is this good for the current 100 price?
  5. yes its great for the price.
  6. amd 6300 would be the best choice.
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