GTX550 TI FPB vs GTX560 SE

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: This week. I'm looking to spend about a 120.

USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Looking to upgrade my graphics card just so I can play Guild wars 2/swtor/any other games that might come out.

CURRENT GPU AND POWER SUPPLY: Right now i'm using a 9800 gt and it just isn't performing as good as I thought it would. I guess it's just old and out dated. Doesn't run SWTOR smoothly.

OTHER RELEVANT SYSTEM SPECS: quad core 2.3ghz processor amd. Not quite sure exactly what model since i'm at work right now. It's quite old and and I would upgrade it sometime in the near future.

So I'm pretty positive the GTX560SE > GTX550 TI is right. But I'm just wondering about the "FPB" on the gtx550 ti card. Does that make it a better card than the 560se? Let me know! Thank you! Any explanation on why which is better would be great appreciated as well!
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  1. FBP= free performance boost technology, it just means they have given some bios updates to speed up the core and memory a little, the 560 se will be more powerful, get it instead
  2. From what i saw in some benchmarks the GTX 560 SE is between AMD's HD 6770 and HD 6790.The 550 Ti is as fast as a HD 6770 but this one has a slight boost so... They should be pretty much the same.

    While the cards you chose are both a good upgrade from your 9800GT, you can get a better card for that price.

    The HD 7770 is faster than both of the cards above.It is also newer technology uses less power and produces less heat.It's also a great overclocker.

    Take a look at this one below.Its the cheapest HD 7770 is could find on amazon.

    If you can stretch your budget a little bit and shop from newegg you can fit this into your PC.

    Its about 10% Faster than the other HD 7770 so its actually faster than a HD 6850 and a GTX 460 256 bit.

    Beware though according to this article right here you CPU might be the thing thats limiting your performance.,3087-8.html

    Upgrading your CPU will probably increase your performance in SWTOR more than the graphics card.

    In my opinion you should buy a Phenom II X4 like this one,

    A good cooler like the one below

    And enjoy SWTOR.
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