CPU fail suspected: any good programs I can test it with

Hi all, I've been having LONG an unresolved problems with my computer, and pretty much narrowed it down to the CPU.

shortly - the problem is with sound crackling, during video and audio playback, it's not the soundcard or the drivers since I have both on-board one and an external one and it happens with both sound cards.
plus - the crackles are charataristic of CPU problems. and I won't specify everything I checked here, cause it'll be a really long list, but the bottom line is I couldn't find any answer that actually worked all over the internet + my own thinking etc etc.

Is there a recommended program for check CPU performance and temperature etc. ?

Additonaly: I also suspect dirtiness(:)) might be affecting the CPU and other components and I want to know how to safely & thoroughly clean my PC.

Thanks ZBBZ.
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  1. I downloaded intel diagnostics tool and my CPU passed. does that mean it's 100% OK and I should seek the problem causing the crackling problem elsewhere?

    @hytecgowthaman: thanks man, but I ask here and not search on youtube cause I want to make sure that someone who really knows what he's talking about explains how to do it.
    There's some criticism on the two of the top videos about how the clean up is performed in the comments, and I don't want to take any risks...
  2. Anyone? Is the Intel utility fully reliable?
    any other tips for cleaning the PC?
  3. Try Prime95, I use it to test my overclock for reliability. If it is failing an error will occur in seconds
  4. Would you recommend a specific configuration?
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