Acer Aspire X1920 (Need answer ASAP)


I really want to get a new graphics card, just good enough to run Day-Z/Arma 2 on Normal settings.

I'm not looking to spend alot, Around about maybe £100/$150, or maybeee a little more.

Anyway, I need to know a Power supply + Graphics card compatible with my motherboard.

I don't know what motherboard I have, Here is a picture of my CPU-ID.

Thanks alot.

I saw these:

£70(2gb ddr3):,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&biw=1360&bih=643&ie=UTF-8&tbm=shop&cid=830377755753200431&sa=X&ei=RuEOUIiNDqnF0QW28oGIBw&ved=0CGYQ8wIwAQ

£60(1gb ddr5):

Out of these 2, what is better? 2gb ddr3 or 1gb ddr5.

Also, Would they be compatible with this:

And Would it fit into my PC? Acer Aspire X1920, I just bought Day-Z and figured It won't run so I need an answer ASAP please!!
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  1. You've got an Aspire. My Aspire (X1301) came with a 220W PSU. Its not a very beefy PSU so I would be careful with what you put in there.

    Right now, I am in the process of re-doing my Aspire just for a fun project. Its got a brand new processor (AMD 955) and I've got a 6670 GDDR5 on a Earthwatts 380D.

    Now I would feel good about recommending something like the 6570 and even more safe with the 6450. The 6450 wont run the game will. That being said, the 6570 wont do much better.

    The 5570 (the same as the 6570) uses about 43W, which is about within the system specifications. A 6670 is something I would not recommend.
  2. Soo. How much would a new PSU be? and would a new more powerful one be able to fit into my computer?

    If so, what is a one that is both Cheap:Powerful(If you know what I mean)

    and what graphics cards can it handle? that would be compatible with my motherboard? I've never done this stuff before so I need a little help, thanks for the reply!

    Also. Is a PSU the same as a power supply?
  3. Actually, that one got closed.

    It's a desktop, not a laptop.
  4. Hmm, do you know any good cheap PSU's?

    Is that just a power supply?

    And yeah it's a desktop :)
  5. Thanks alot for the links man, much appreciated.

    What is the best out of those 2 cards? and would I be bottlenecking with those cards? and do I really need that chasis? Thanks
  6. And it's compatible with my motherboard :D?

    If so tysm.

    The deal with the new chassis, would I just transfer old stuff from my old one to my new chassis if I bought it? I've never really tried this stuff, a video link would be amazing, or if you can tell me what to search for ^_^
  7. Ignore that ^ I suppose I'll just buy what you shown me :D thanks for the links, and I'm just going to watch this video, It shouldn't be as complicated right? since I don't need to build everything, just transfer and change?
  8. Great, thanks for the answers. I'm quite young(I don't want to say how old). So I just needed some grown-up input on this situation :3.

    I'll be playing Arma II in Notime! :D
  9. 1360x768 I think :o
  10. Yay :D

    I saw the man in the video with some special stuff like paint for the CPU, I won't need any for the GPU right :D?

    And is 4GB ram enough for Arma 2 :)?

    Thanks for all your help<3
  11. After watching most of this video.. I have to.

    Remove --> Motherboard/PSU/some other things.

    Add the GPU to Motherboard, add PSU to Motherboard (With Trial + Error?)

    And add whatever is left :D?
  12. Also have to consider that the Acer motherboard is going to have a properitary pinheader for all the motherboard pins to the case and a new case is going to require him to rewire those pins , take apart the pin header and find each pin manually. Not a big deal for someone who's done name brand -> no-name cases but someone who's never done it, it can be a pain.
  13. By find each pin manually, do you mean go to shops and buy them? or have to find where they go :O?
  14. Ty :D

    Just wondering, is there a high chance I'll mess this up and break my whole PC? Or is it repairable. :P
  15. It'll probaly take me 5hours+ anyway, no need to rush :D

    Is there sort of people you can pay to do this for you? in local pcshops like pcworld or curry's :D?
  16. I don't think I have a friend able to do it for me, I suppose I'll just have to take my time and watch alot of videos :o

    The other guy, what did he mean about the pins :S?
  17. Well that's a shock :o

    Do you know what I'd have to search to find out? He didn't really explain it simple enough.
  18. Wow, thanks:D:D
  19. That's great news.

    So, the Graphics card goes into the long black PCI slot on the left, while my ram goes into the 2 bigger black PCI slots placed firmly next to eachother:D?
  20. Wow, I learned alot today. TYSM :D :D
  21. Yeah, would it maybe be okay when I buy the parts in a week or two time, to send you some pictures of things I need help with If I do manage to need help :D?
  22. Great :D Thanks alot, I'll just keep a look out for the other guy who said something about the pins? No idea what he means :S
  23. Recon you are very wise. I am doing the very same thing with my Acer Aspire X1301. Putting it into a new case with a new power supply and graphics card. He's god the right idea.

    Now I believe the other guy is talking about the case wiring. Like the power button and the power button lighting and such. That could be a challenge if its not labeled, but its more of a guess and check, nothing can really go wrong.
  24. Thanks so much Deemo13, Please let me know how it goes!!!

    Also, if I install the new grapics card, and maybe in a month or two, decide I want a AMD II x4, can It just be installed without getting a new graphics card or anything like that? <3
  25. Have any nice cheap motherboards you know of? and RAM doesn't cost much
  26. Or any other nice Cheap/Good CPU's
  27. Awesome. Put that good stuff right into my bookmark :3
  28. Ok, to clarify, yes I meant the pins for power/reset/hard drive light, etc. On some name brand PC's, they use a special pin header that normal ones don't fit onto, flat ribbon cables, all kinds of weird hook ups. Luckily, you seem to be in luck as this model of acer uses a fairly standard pin hookup. There is the full manual for your motherboard. Click download at the top and enter the code to download it.

    On page 76, you will see the pin out's at the bottom for the motherboard. Really, the only one you need hooked up is the power button but if you want the HDD light and power light to work, just follow the diagram. It shows the way the pins are, from 1 at the bottom, then 2 at the top, then the next row will be 3 at the bottom, 4 at the top, and so on. So for power it would 6 & 8 for the pins, so the power button from your new case, which would be labeled as such, you would plug that onto pins 6 & 8. If it doesn't work, try reversing the plug. Some plugs don't care the way they are, some do.
  29. I've had my chance to work with a few OEM (HP and Acer) computers. The HP was easy to set up in a custom case, like I have it now. The pins lined up fine and there was a chart on the HP motherboard.

    The Acer on the other hand did not have a diagram on the motherboard. You can follow the motherboard manual that getochkn posted.

    So I didn't read the whole of this thread. What are you going to end up doing with your computer again?
  30. Thanks!

    Do you know of any CPU's that would be usable with my motherboard?
  31. Good choices. Should work fine. Its what I would have recommended doing (and what I am doing)
  32. Great man, thanks.

    If you find the deal about them pin things, I would greatly appreciate some help.

    As I said, I'm really young.
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