Bluetooth issues, also other things.

Hi. New account, though I've come here many times before. You guys make the site work!

Anyway this is the best thread I can think of to post my issues in because it doesn't focus on just one part.

Okay first thing is, know the laptop works 100%. The only physical defect is one missing screw I lost when I was cleaning it after I got it.

It's a slightly older Gateway T-Series 16 media laptop. CPU is fine, gfx work well enough, HDD and ram are good, wireless works, etc etc.

My first issue is my bluetooth though, obviously. I poked around inside, and there doesn't seem to be any missing parts. But when I press the Fn+ combo to turn on BT, nothing happens. No light, no windows sounds, no response from any BT device. I did notice that there seems to be what looks like a second wireless chip slot, though...

So, what could be up? I mean, my BIOS has config settings for it, my keyboard has a Fn+ combo for it, so shouldn't it be there? Is what I call a wireless chip slot actually like a mini PCI or some other standardized thing, and someone took out the BT chip? Or do I just need software?

I've never used it before and my aim is to try and make my PS3 controllers work with it. But so far, nothing at all will work.

My second issue is small. The media keys above the keyboard.

Most of them work fine. Play, stop, skip </>, and mute. But there are two that don't respond.
The media player key, and the key marked DVD.

To me those look like favorites keys or hotkeys, which in my experience need software to work. But the gateway site doesn't have this software anywhere. In fact they don't have much of anything anywhere. ^^

So I'd like at least some kind of software to get them to work. Any freeware ideas? No shareware please. Open source is okay though.

Also, there's a key to the left of the media buttons. It just has an arrow on it --> and I have no idea what it could possibly do. I'd love to know how to use it.

And lastly, a question. The laptop has an ATI Radeon x1270. Not so epic by today's standards I know but here's what I don't get: It has an HDMI port. I checked the clocks of the card and VMEM. 400Mhz core clock, 200Mhz memory clock. So pretty much a GeForce 6200A with all pixel pipes open and no dedicated VRAM.

Am I missing something here? I don't think a card like this could really do much with HDMI, right? I mean, right now I only have a couple Gb in the RAM bay so it could just be lack of memory that makes it lag, but somehow I just honestly think it couldn't even play HL2 properly in 1080.

Thanks in advance for the help.
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  1. OK, fast reply, you need to say exact model of the notebook, else we can't do much.
    About Bluetooth, either the card is missing or you need driver/software from the manufacturer to enable it.
    The BT card looks like the picture below and should be near the wifi card, or be the wifi card (a wifi that includes bt on itself).

    Alternatively you can get a Bluetooth usb pen really cheap for the controller.

    Media buttons might be missing software/driver, did you format this kaptop at some point?

    Third issue sound like outdated drivers, need to know OS and laptop model to help u.
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