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New case

Currently I'm looking for new case to replace my old case. Prefer something with simple design, small but able to fit atx mobo, high clearance for cooler(hyper 212), bottom mounted psu and sideway mounted hdd.

I have always been interested with Bitfenix Shinobi (non window version) design, but the layout of the hdd mounting is putting me off. Any of you guys have recommendation for casing that are similar in term of look of Bitfenix Shinobi (clean and simple), but with hdd slot facing sideway? My budget is around 70usd ( around rm200+ in my currency).

Fractal Design Arc midi is the closest I can find, but the price is almost double of bitfenix shinobi, way too much.
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    Have a look at:

    Corsair 200R (maybe 300R):

    and NZXT Source 210:

    Both have 160mm clearance for CPU heatsink.
  2. like the look of NZXT, but lack sideway hdd mount.

    Corsair 200R seems perfect and within my budget. Never knew about carbide series as most corsair model I saw at local shops was either Obsidian or Graphite series, which is out of my budget

    need to start looking and thanks!
  3. Yes, just buy the corsair 200r. If you dont like the simple styling and want something more flashly buy a cooler master storm enforcer.
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