Will a pentium G620 bottleneck a GTX 550 Ti?

Case - Antec 300
Motherboard - Gigabyte B75M-D3H
CPU - Intel G620 Dual Core 2.6ghz
GPU - Asus GTX 550ti
Memory - 4gb 1333mhz DDR3
Hard Drive - 500Gb
Power Supply - 600w Thermaltake
Optical Drive - LG dvd burner

Thats the rest of the build, can upgrade to 8 gb ram 1600 mhz if need be.

My main concern is if a g620 would bottle neck the gtz 550 ti? What would my framerate be on high end games like BF3, metro 2033, etc. on 1920 x 1080? how much of my performance is affected?
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  1. It shouldn't. Although I highly don't recommend running at 1920 x 1080 with that graphics card, maybe 1600 x 900 but like 1280 x 720 for games like BF3. I would also like to add that bottlenecking is very game specific.
  2. have you already bought all the parts? if not then maybe consider cutting the case/psu budget alittle & adding that cash to cpu/gpu budget. 600w & the amount of cooling the antec 300 provides are far beyond what those components require. perhaps consider one of the coolermaster matx cases for half the price + a 400w~ psu. of course if you intend to upgrade to more poweful parts in the near future, then it's a good decision to go with the bigger case & psu.

    I just realized that you have a Thermal Take PSU! DO NOT USE THEM!
  4. There will no bottleneck with g620 cpu.but that gpu will not handle games at that resolution.
  5. melikepie said:

    I just realized that you have a Thermal Take PSU! DO NOT USE THEM!

    as a thermaltake user myself i'd disagree with that. avoid the older models certainly, they have sold some appaling psu's in the past, but some of the more recent series are decent. do abit of research & look up reviews on the model of psu & find out which oem actually makes it (thermaltake just rebrand) here's the most recent update on psu's from toms:

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