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Old dusty CPU swap? Maybe?

I have a dell dimension 2400 desktop with an intel socket 478 P4 @ 2.66GHz with a 533 FSB and a gateway 7326gz laptop with an intel socket 478 P4 @ 3.06GHz also with a 533 FSB. I don't really use the desktop that much but for some light web browsing and such. The laptop is pretty much dead because the hard drive is dying and I'm not paying the prices they want for those old drives(if you can even find one). What I'm wondering is if the laptop CPU will work in the desktop. The laptop P4 has hyperthreading and the desktop does not. I believe that they were designed to work on different chipsets but I'm not sure if this would work or not. Anybody know for sure if this would or wouldn't work? I would like to see if the desktop would really get any performance boost watching videos and such. Thanks :)
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More about dusty swap maybe
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    The laptop CPU is mobile version that will not work in the desktop.
  2. Thanks. I thought as much but just wanted to be sure.
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