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Ok, at the moment my computer isn't too great for Gaming.. probably due to my integrated graphics (obviously). Anyways im hoping to build a new computer so i can play games and edit videos.. let me say that i will not be playing games that are too demanding, only games such as WoW which are pretty old and only slightly demanding throughout Raids and Cities. Ok here is my current computer specs and i am willing to spend $1000 on a new computer.

OS - Windows 7
Manufacturer - Hewlett Packard
Model - G5200uk-m
Processor - AMD Athlon(tm) II X2 220 2.80GHz

What computer should i build with a budget of $1000 so i can play games such as WoW with good fps and if you think my current specs arent too bad.. which upgrades could i get with $1000. Thanks for the Replys.
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  1. Thanks for the Reply, i will look into your Suggestion and hope to find more answers if they know any upgrades to yours.. or a better set-up for my money :)
  2. also i would probably need to buy the OS which costs about $100 i think.. i'll grab a mouse / keyboard and maybe a couple of monitors but dont include them into the build :)
  3. Does anyone know the Fps that this System would generate on WoW? sounds pretty good to me. xD
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