Msi r6870 or msi n560gtx

which is a better option
msi r6870 or msi n560gtx?
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  1. If you are overclocking, the 560 has loads of headroom, the 6870 has very little. Overclocked, the 560 is consistently better, at stock they are pretty much the same. The 560 comes with PhysX for those Batman, Metro, Borderlands, Mafia, and Unreal Tournament games.
  2. They are the same. I'd get whichever you get cheaper.
  3. how safe is overclocking
  4. Pretty safe if you're doing it carefully.
  5. shameel said:
    how safe is overclocking

    Very safe. Most cards come with a factory overclock aready out of the box. When you do regular overclocking without adjusting the voltages there is virtually no risk whatsoever. If you push the card too high, you will likely only get on-screen artifacts, at worst the card will crash and you simply need to re-boot the PC to reset everything.

    Here's a look at overclocking on the MSI 560 using MSI Afterburner:
  6. thanks for the helpful advice.think I'll settle for the msi n560 gtx twin frozr ii oc.
  7. whats a good power supply to run the 560 gtx
  8. Corsair CX 500. It's good quality and pretty cheap.
  9. would it even be worth it for any of these graphic cards when there are alot newer ones coming out
  10. Well, for that price, they are your best bet. There will always be something coming out soon, but if you always wait for something new, you'll never buy anything :).
  11. thanks for the advice guys
    I've settled for the gtx 560 oc by 10%
    Awesome card at its value
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