Molex connectors for Sentry2

I purchased a sentry2 fan controller for my Cooler Master Scout case, when trying to install it the molex on the controller are male and my fan molexes are male also. Is there adapters to connect two male molex?
I googled it but came up empty, found double male but no females.
Thanx in advance
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  1. wher eu from? ill find you a site to order the adapter from!
  2. The usa
  3. will find it for ya tomorrow!
    is one option. they do come in mini block format, but those are the easiet type to get hold of. they are called gender changers. best of luck!
  5. Thanx for the info
  6. millturn said:
    Thanx for the info

    you're very welcome! feel free to select it as the best answer if it is
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