Can my motherboard support 6770x5770 crossfire?

Hello, I have a 5770 and I am thinking of extending the life of my card by crossfiring it with a 6770. I already done the research and I know they are fully compatible. The question is, I am not so sure about my motherboard, which has hybrid crossfire support and I think these type of motherboards are not fully crossfire compatible. Here is the motherboard:

I also would like to know how well does this crossfire setup scenario can work with a dual monitor set up and eye infinity.

Thank you.

Edit: My computer specs are listed in my profile.
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  1. As far as I know you cannot crossfire two different model cards together. Are you sure you can do this, if so, please provide a link. I thought hybrid crossfire referred to the ability to crossfire a card with the integrated graphics of an AMD cpu.

    You may want to double check, as I thought this is not possible, although I could be wrong.

    If you know for sure I would really appreciate a link, because it is nice to learn new things.
  2. It is possible:

    The reason why I think that my motherboard might not be compatible with crossfire is because I thought I read somewhere that hybrid crossfire motherboards are very restrictive in the card models that can used for crossfire. Also, in the chart above my motherboard chip isn't listed as a compatible chip.

    By the way, my card is a HIS 5770, I am planning on getting a XFS 6770.


  3. sugetsu said:

    Huh, that's pretty cool. I had no idea you could do that. Good information....

    Can't help ya though, as obviously I know less on the topic than you do.

    Good Luck
  4. Why would you want to crossfire 2 crappy cards? 1 bigger card is usually better than 2 smaller cards.

    I would suggest ditching your current 5770 and go with something more modern, say a GTX 670/ Radeon 7950.

    You might run into micro stuttering problems if you can/do get it to work.
  5. Because this set up gives me roughly the power of a 6970 card, which currently goes for around $330.
  6. I hope you realize getting 2 1GB cards will not equal 2GB of VRAM. 2 cards with 1GB of VRAM will still only allow you to use 1GB of VRAM.

    Do what you want. I'm just stating what I would do in your situation.
  7. ^ I know, but the price performance ratio is great, and I don't have 300+ dollars to spend.
  8. Can anyone help me? :(
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