Need help on Powersupply buy

I want a really good powersupply around 750 to 900watts thats really good
iam willing to spend as high as 150 to 175
i want to get it from candaian sites only for i like in canda and praferabbly not amazon or ebay
o and i want it to be modular i just want one that is very reliable nice on energy and good with cable manage ment thats just great
plz throw me some suggestions
iam not really sure what to look for in a power supply
heres what iam lookin at these are all from direct canda
OCZ Z-SERIES 850W 80+ Gold Certified 24PIN ATX 71A Modular Power Supply With 135mm Fan 95.99

Antec High Current Pro 750W 24PIN ATX12V Active PFC 80 Plus Gold SLI Modular Power Supply 135mm Fan 127.84

my computer is
on a monitor of 1440 by 900 rez
4 fans 120mm
one cpu fan hyper 212
radeon hd 7850 gigybyte oc 975ghz graphics card 1200 memery clocks
AsRock z77 pro3 mother board
one 500 gb harddrive at 7200rpms
a extreme n gigabyte wireless network adapter
one DVD+CD writer Rom
core i5 3570k

could i also get some suggestions for Really good high Quality 120mm fans blue LEDs
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  1. A 7850 will only need a 500W PSU. Heck, even the CX600, which only outputs 480W on its 12v rail, can power a 7850 OCed.
  2. You only need 550w tops, get a XFX 550w core edition, if you want modular cords then just get a seasonic, XFX or corsair, you only need to get 550watts, whats the point in spending money when you don't have too?
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