Black screen and sound loops when i play games

ok so my computer was fine and this didnt happen before i bought my new graphics card, nothing ever crashed when i had my old radeon 5670 in, but because of newer releases, i decided to buy a sapphire 7870 2gb overclocked edition so i could play games such as battlefield 3, skyrim etc. But ever since i installed my new graphics card, when i play games it crashes to a point where i have to manually shut down my pc and reboot it, sometimes i can last for hours playing games without crashes but sometimes it can take just minutes. the games that crash that i have tested are: battlefield 3, skyrim, fallout NV, league of legends, dead island, arma 2 and saints row the third. I can run these games on the best settings with no lag also. Eventually i got sick of it crashing so i sent it into a store where i bought the graphics card and they spent a week testing my games, they noticed that i didnt open the flap that let hot air out and they also noticed that i didnt have all of the pins connected to the motherboard, they fixed this straight away but still took my pc in to have a futher look, they tested the graphics card on a set up motherboard and ran stress tests and memory tests and they all passed, they also tried it on my pc and it passed. They made sure all my drivers and bios was updated aswell. The people at the store told me that i should buy a new case so prevent overheating if the crashing is still a problem and thats what i did because when i got my pc back, it crashed again during a game of LoL. My new case has about 3 fans and plenty of space but it still crashes during games, so i sent my pc back into the store and they played LoL and they experienced the crashing that i had been getting, so they unistalled my hard drive and installed i new one to test to see if its that, and they told me that LoL played for over 4 hours without crashing so theyve found the problem, so i got the pc home again and i formatted my hard drive and reinstalled windows 7, i played LoL for about 20 mins and no crashes, i played abit of arma 2 and then about 2 hours of Fallout NV and still no crashes. But then i tried to play Arma 2's campaign and 30 mins in, it crashed. I tested LoL and i played a 43 min game and it didnt crash but after that game it crashed another 3 times. I have run out of idea's on why its crashing, every driver is updated, i have a big enought power supply to run it (650W) my specs are:

i5-2300 2.80GHz
11gb ram
650W power supply
Sapphire HD 2GB 7870 overclocked edition
windows 7

my card works performance wise, all drivers are updated, ive tried uninstalling CCC and ive tried installing the beta update but still no luck, at the minute trying to fix this has costed my over £100 and i really dont want to spend anymore on it, can someone tell me whats causing all these problems and how i fix them? or if its just my graphics card having a fault? someone please help!!
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  1. forgot to mention, i also tried downclocking my high performance gpu settings and my high performance memory clock settings, i also turned the fan speed up and increased the power control settings by 5%
  2. How hot is your GPU running while you are gaming? What is your case ambient temperature? It sounds like a classic case of an overheating GPU to me. This could also be due to the heatsink on your GPU/VRAM not being seated correctly.
  3. While gamings its around 43 celsius to around 54 celsius and in the case its around 42 celsius, ive opened windows and pointed fans at the computer but it still crashes
  4. Gelson14 said:
    While gamings its around 43 celsius to around 54 celsius and in the case its around 42 celsius, ive opened windows and pointed fans at the computer but it still crashes

    A case temp of 42 is imo far too high, unless you live in Dubai without air conditioning! Ambient case temp should only be a few degrees above ambient room temp. Try gaming with the side off, and see if that helps stability. It could be that your new GPU is overheating other components (CPU, RAM, mobo) - so while your GPU is fine, it is causing other parts to overheat.
  5. actually im not so sure about the case temperature, i fan speed fan while i was playing LoL, when i tab out of LoL all the temperatures are fine but in game they all seem to go up, this is a screenshot of the temperatures after quickly tabbing out after starting a mission up on Arma 2

    how do i keep these temps low enough to just play?!
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