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PC starts-up, fans work, but no boot.

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January 26, 2013 2:22:09 PM

After much search of a solution to my problem, I am at a loss.

Issue: My computer (Compaq Presario M.C. Desktop) has stopped working suddenly, when just a few days ago, nothing appeared to be wrong.

- 10+years and worked fine, up until recently.
- A similar situation is found here:

Admittedly, I have no background/experience technology-wise.
Here are pictures of my computer:

All wires currently plugged in are the necessities + speaker wire-plug and wifi usb connector. Nothing else.

When pressing the button to start-up, the light turns on, fans turn on, but nothing else. Typically, the fans on my computer would start-up for a few seconds and boot up normally. Now, when pressing the button to start-up, the light turns on and the fan keeps going, for as much as hours until the noise becomes irritating and someone goes to power it down.

This computer is old, I admit. The only thing that currently concerns me is the files that I have not yet backed up, and I might end up losing, which is not good. Most of it is art that I MUST save, as it is for job purposes and cannot be lost.
My files and programs are backed up, but hard-worked files are not, please help!

I am at a total loss, and have no experience in this field at all.

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January 26, 2013 4:09:21 PM

pull the hard drive out put it in a caddy/another pc and back it up, as for pc, at 10 i think its best retired, pull the drive, if your info is still accesable thats where it is and give the rest a decent burial, ;) 
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