Problems detecting hd on startup

From time to time my pc has problems detecting my harddisk on bootup. This usually happens when the pc is 'cold' and havent been used for ½-1 day. On a second bootup it seems to detect it ok. What is causing this?. A bios prob or the battery on the mainboard?. Please help. Thanks.

Razzar out.....
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  1. Is it possible that your HD takes a really long time to spin up? I think there may be a BIOS setting to wait for IDE or something like that...

    Other than that, I'm clueless.

    What kind of HD is it? What kind of mobo? What other peripherals do you have hooked up?
  2. I should mention that this started just recently, before everything was tip top. It's an Athlon 1Ghz on a KT7 mainboard. The hd is a Maxtor 7200 rpm 20 gigs. I really hope that someone can explain what is wrong, before it gets worse. Thanks for the replies I might get.

    Razzar out.....
  3. Unplug and replug the IDE data cable on both ends, the HD and the motherboard. Do the same for the power cable. Make sure the jumper is set what it's supposed to be (I'm assuming Master). And last, in the BIOS, make sure the HD is set to Auto detect.

    I hope everything's cool!

    Kernel32.dll, son of a.... :eek:
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