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Overclocking 7850HD

I am planning to overclock my Sapphire Radeon 7850 HD Gpu to the strength core clock and memory clock of a gtx 570. Here are the stats:

Core Clock:

GTX 570: 915 Mhz
7850 HD: 860 Mhz

Memory Clock:
GTX 570: 1500Mhz
7850 HD: 1200Mhz

This is my current system setup: PCpartpicker

Would I need to change anything in my system to allow this to work without worrying about overheating or loud noise? Thank you
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  1. note that the core clocks/memory clocks of different generation and different cards cannot be directly compared.
  2. It is not that simple since the cards are two different architecture, the good news is that the HD7850 is not that far behind GTX570
  3. what is your psu your part picker doesnt have one
  4. Is it still possible to overclock to the same or close to the same levels, It will probably have diffrent performance but either way it still gets better. I will completely shut down the idea if my pc specs dont match, im asking purely out of curiosity, i just want the sytem to be its best without hurting it
  5. that a good psu that could hold a OC 7850 and as for the actual OC i really dont know that much i have the same card but never looked into OC it
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    Go into Catalyst control centre > Performance > AMD overdrive > Select the rollover option and click auto tune. You should see what the limits of your card is.

    I would recommend gong a bit lower than the max, to allow for gaming on hotter days and a lower noise profile. And not destroying your card to soon...
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