Need advice hd7970 lightning vs Gigabyte 7970

Just wondering if there is someone who has these in xfire on eyefinity can answer a few questions. Or maybe just someone who knows.

Im looking at getting a pair of one of these cards, but i dont know which to go with. I also hear amd has had some issues with eyefinity cross fire but that the 12.6 and 12.7 drivers have fixed that.

So for my first question, is it in fact fixed, could i buy a pair of these cards and it not be crazy of me to think that i will get solid crossfire eyefinity support at 5760 x 1080

Next thing is that I realize the gigabyte is nearly 100$ cheaper and cools better with OC then the msi does. According to toms that is, but the monitors i have support DP. Would it be better and lesss problematic to run all three screens from the DP on the lightning then it would be to try and run 2 DP and 1 Dvi from the gigabyte?

Since the DP on both cards is mini DP do i need an adapter that is classified as "active". I.E. would i need a MDP to DP "active" adapter(side not i dont know that these adapters exist so please refrain from lashing to hard Im new to eyefinity). Or rather a miniDP to DVI active adapter and be better off not hooking up to the DP on my monitors.

Most of this is setup questions in all honesty. If the drivers are running solid and I can connect to the gigabyte(2 MDP 1 DVI) then it is probably the pair I will purchase.

Thanks for the help.
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  1. Just wanted to say I always like MSI brand cards and I would spend the extra money on them when your already spending so much either way. A lot people really hate Gigabytes cards, but I like Gigabyte Motherboards a lot.

    You have nice things :D
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