Which evga graphics card is better?

Hi, i am trying to choose a evga gtx 680 card, but i have a major question. i was looking at the EVGA Superclocked, Signature 2 ( and the EVGA 02G-P4-2685-KR GeForce GTX 680 SC Signature+ (

I was wondering if one or both of the cards have a reference pcb, because in the future i plan to maybe watercool with an ek waterblock. i was also wonndering if for the time being i should have the reference signature+ card or the non-reference signature 2. i wasnt sure if i should use the exhausting cooler or the cooler that blows the hot air back into the case. i will be useing the nzxt switch 810 case.

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    I believe this one is using a non-reference PCB:
    It shouldn't be a big problem though, EK will almost certainly make a block that fits it.
    I would go with it since it'll be quieter and is clocked faster. Don't worry about the air being exhausted into the case, as long as you have a couple case fans it'll be fine.
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