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I need a new quad core CPU so i can play BF3, Planetside 2, etc.
I have a 7870 so I'll be fine on that.

Anyways, I need to know what the best option is for my CPU and heatsink.
1. If I get retail, it comes with cooler, but is 100 dollars total.
2. I could get the OEM version, which is cheaper, and a 3rd party cooler. Also 100 dollars.
3. I could get just the OEM CPU and use my old stock cooler from my previous CPU.

Any ideas?
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  1. AMD Phenom II X4 965 BE - 100$ cpu for all your needs
  2. chromic said:
    AMD Phenom II X4 965 BE - 100$ cpu for all your needs

    That's the one I was gonna get. But I just wanted to see if I should get the processor and sink separately or..
  3. well if you dont overclock it you dont need an aftermarket cooler
  4. Will my 7870 and a slightly OC 965 run bf3 smoothly? Like high settings
  5. i dont think you need to oc it to run smoothly, with that setup i think you could run bf3 near ultra with good fps, depends on your resolution tho
  6. 1600x900
  7. Probably be good at that res. worst case you slap an evo on it and OC sometime down the line.
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