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Is this power supply enough for this gaming build

Im going to be building my first PC soon. This is the build that i came up with

Im going to over clock both Gpus and the cpu. Im also going to have around 4 fans and a lot of UV lights. Is the Psu that i choose good enough.

Also im not buying these parts right away it going to be over time.
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    Topower is not a tier one brand; don't go by the wattage alone. Here's two better brands: (no power cord included). I highly recommend you buy everything at once so you can test them all together, since most items have a 30 day return policy. Save your money and be patient. It will pay off in the long run.
  2. Its literally impossable for me to get all that money at once im starting offjust buying this with what ever power supply and then working my way up over a long time period
  3. also if i dont crossfire a 750 would work fine right?
  4. First of all Don't get the 965, it will bottlneck your GPUs big time. FX 8350 or I5-3570k would be your best choice.
    Get a bigger harddrive, that is suicide, building a great gaming rig with no space for all the games? Just no. This PSU should do fine for your needs.

    If I were to give you any advice then I would cut one of the GPUs and have more money for better harddrive, CPU, case, MOBO and RAM. That gaming rig is way too unbalanced. By doing that you would also save some money on the PSU.
  5. yea i was thinking about not getting 2 cards and already took out one. and that waasnt an exact rig i just did it for power consumption figure really quick. i gunna get a 1TB for games and a 32gb ssd for windows
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