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High cpu usage in game ?

tested in more than just one game mainly been on borderlands 2 and world of warcraft im getting around 70-80% cpu usage in alot of games just custom built my pc is this normal for this build ???

Case thermaltake level 10 gt

CPU intel i5 3570k

MOBO Asus maximus v formula

heat sink noctua nh-d14

Ram 16GB ddr3

gpu gigabyte gtx 670

i think that's all that would matter remind me if i missed anything
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  1. At what resolution are you playing at and what size monitor? If you are playing on lower resolutions that will put more "pressure" on the CPU. You can think of it like a sliding scale. The lower the resolution the more work load is put on the CPU. The higher the resolution the more work is put on the video card.

    A few other things to check into:

    Windows Task Manager> Applications- Do you have anything running?

    Go into MSConfig and look at the services tab. Click at the bottom where it says "hide all MS services" This will hide all the important stuff an leave you with the junk running in the background. Cancel all unnecessary programs.

    Also I would do a virus and Malware scan with Avast and Malwarebytes.
  2. no virus's/malware also i am running at 1920 x 1080 there is barely anything on the computer that i could disable due too it was just finnished being built by myself still getting 60-80 cpu usage in borderlands 2 and others
  3. and what is gpu usage?
  4. around 70-90
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    I think at your resolution this is normal load behaviour for that cpu-gpu combo. GPU is still being utilized more or equally.

    I think if you take your resolution up from here, then you'd see gpu being taxed more than the processor. GTX 670 is a powerful card and to tax it you need higher resolution like "rds" suggested above.

    also update the gpu drivers.
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