GTX 550ti or GTX 560 se?

I was just wondering which of these cards is better. It seems they're the best for the price based on where I've looked. I'm open to other suggestions if you guys have any, but the big question is what one is better?

It seems the 550 is but from my unprofessional standpoint, isn't the 560 newer? I don't mind paying $5 more for a 550 since it seems that it has high clocks by default. Otherwise, they seem the same....

Here are the Cards:

GTX 550ti

GTX 560se
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  1. I wouldn't buy either of those cards, neither perform very well. The GTX 460 is a great card in that price range and it smacks both of those cards. You can also look at the Radeon 7770, but the 460 will do better in most games.
    The 560 SE performs just about the same as the 550 Ti, they just didn't bother to list it.
  2. Both those cards are very similar in frame rates. As mentioned above, the GTX 460 will be much superior for just a bit more $. The 2 cards you are looking at will struggle in intense games at 1680x1050. The GTX 460 will even squeek out decent frame rates at 1920x1080 with reduced settings.
  3. Thanks guys. Though I would have to think if I really need to spend almost $30 more for a 460 (partly from shipping).

    And how can you tell that the 460 is superior? What are you looking at? I always thought the main things to look at are Core and Texture clocks.
  4. Core clocks don't mean much, there's different architectures, and memory buses and speed that affect performance more. I like to look at benchmarks, like I linked before.
  5. Oh you're right. There is quite a difference. I suppose I'll have to decide whether or not 10 fps and more power is worth the extra almost $30. Thanks for the help.

    I'm hoping to get a good GPU to play ArmA 2 Arrowhead and DayZ.

    Thanks for your help! :)
  6. Arma 2/ Dayz are incredibly demanding, not sure if those cards will cut it. Very CPU intensive game as well.

    Havent actually played it myself but heard from many people you need a beast of a system. Might be worthwhile starting a new thread asking about the requirements.
  7. I've decided to go with the i3-2100 and Radeon HD 6850. Yes they will cut it. I have played it on much less powerful systems.
  8. That's a decent combination for a budget rig. You never stated what your resolutions was. The HD 6850 will be great at 1680x1050 and will still be adequate at 1080p.
  9. 1600x900. So close :) Thanks for the help!
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