My laptop cpu's clock speeds keep going up and down

My old VAIO keeps going up and down in CPU clock guys.. Its a T5670 which is a 1.8GHz chip but right now its at 1436MHz.. i just checked again and both cores were at 1066MHz.. whats up with this and how do i fix this?
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  1. It's completely normal for CPUs to underclock themselves to save energy when they don't need the extra horsepower.
  2. That is intel speed step technology. It will reduce the speed of the cpu to save power if there is less load on it. reduction in cpu speed results in lower voltage and less heat and power consumption.

    When you will put load on your cpu, like do 3D rendering for example, speed step will push it back up to its full speed.

    your cpu is working fine. do not worry. my core i5 2400 has default speed of 3.1 GHz and turbo of 3.4 GHz yet as I type this post, it is running at 1.6 GHz :)

  3. satyamdubey,

    Does the same rule apply to the multiplier? My 2600k is clocked to 4,4ghz, with cpu-z i watch the multiplier go from x35 to x37 all the time even though its idle

    - jhoelzler
  4. Jhoelzer. Yes unless its disabled from BIOS, Speed step will continue to work irrespective of OC
  5. and it works by changing the multiplier. You base clock is never changed. you may have base clock reading errors like a typical sandy bridge processor may show base clock as 99.34 or 100.2 but those are not true values instead they are tolerance errors.
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