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I currently own an Arctic Freezer Pro Rev.2 which I got for £14. Great value, as at stock clocks on my Phenom II temps dropped by at least 10C.

However, I recently tried my hand at overclocking and now have it running at 4.00GHZ. While the Freezer still cools it below its TJMax, it is frequently getting less than 5C away under load.

Guessing that my realistic budget will be about £40 max, it would be great to get some opinions on what my next step should be when upgrading from the Freezer.

Many Thanks in advance!
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  1. Also, how far could the Phenom II X4 physically go? Thanks!
  2. You're doing really good at 4ghz. 4.2 is very high and you'd be lucky to see it.

    As for cooling the 'next step' is a 120mm cooler for which you'll need about 165mm clearance from the top of the cpu to the side of the case or case fan if they will hit.
    The hyper 212+/evo is about the best value there espically if you add a second fan in whats called a push/pull configuration.
  3. Thanks for the reply.
    In terms of the overclocking using AMD Overdrive I can get to 4.30 GHZ, but I'll be overheating at that point. Would I be able to make 4.3 if I spread some Arctic MX4 over it as well?
    And are there any fans you would recommend? I have a CM Storm Scout with 5 fans and ideally I need the CPU fans to be pretty quiet!
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