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Hello folks out there i have a weird problem that is happening on all two of my computers running w7 64 bit.

if i go to the start button to go to my computer the window will open on the first try , but say i try to go to my computer again it will just sit there and not open. the exployer window will open but not the contents inside.

does not care how many times i try it will only open the window and show nothing inside , a bar will go across the top to show progress but still it will not open.

if i restart the computer i can open up the my computer or just computer in W7.

like right now i tried to open up the window to check my hard drive and im still waiting for it to open.

this goes on on both of my computers running windows 7.

all coms are updated to the fullest and im not overclocking or doing anything other normal stuff.

So is there a bug or somthing that im missing , once again if i go to start , and hit computer the window will open on the first try , but if i do it to many times it will just open a window and just sit there.

even further if i open it up and try to open a file it will just hang there and not open , there is no error warning or nothing.

if i restart it may open , but not on the second try.

i know this is a weird problem .Thanks.Robert
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  1. Sounds like an installation problem, are both machines self-build and Windows installed from the same disk?
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