Will my Componets fit in my case

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  1. Those items will fit in the case. What other alternative cases do you have?
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    The rosewill challenger is a VERY good case for its price.

    What's your budget? i can build you something much better.
  3. yes we can build something better. just give us a budget

    ps. how can you buy a discontinued graphics card?
  4. Its to late i already have all my parts at home i just wanted to know if it will fit my case.

    lol as for.the graphics card they must have discontinued today cause i bought mine while still in stock lucky for me lol. So for sure i have enough room?
  5. well for the same price as the video card, i would have purchased a 7850 given it performs around the same but uses half the power

    you should have found out how long everything is before buying the case. it should fit no problem
  6. I got the card on sell during labor day. was 159.99 lol. only other thing im kinda bummed about is my psu and if it can handle it.
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  8. Sorry for hijacking this thread. For some reason the private message function doesn't work..
    @iDroid, Can you take a look at my thread. I borrowed your build and I had some questions before I buy!

    My apologies again! :)
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