Display Problem with Intel HD Graphics Driver

Whenever I try to change settings in Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel with dual monitors, the external monitor becomes the primary monitor in the Control Panel and everything gets messed up. When i have single monitors, everything works just fine, and the built in display shows as primary. It switches when I plug in the secondary monitor. What is going on? I have a Toshiba Laptop with custom Intel HD Driver.
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  1. Edit: I can adjust all the settings perfectly fine when I am only using one monitor, but when I try to adjust the settings with two monitors attached everything gets messed up. The primary display is switched to the external display, the Built-in Display gets switched to the secondary display, and the resolution gets changed to 800X600. Also, even when the Built-in Display is set as the Primary Display in Windows, the Intel Control Panel shows the external monitor as the primary display. I have tried uninstalling the Graphics driver and then re-installing to no avail. I don't know what could have happened. Any suggestions?
  2. i just noticed that the Control Panel is also confusing the two monitors. The external monitor has resolution options from the Built-In Display, and vice-versa.
  3. Edit: just found a solution. There was a conflicting driver for AirDisplay with my iTouch. All I had to do was uninstall that display driver through device management and restart.
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