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Need your help. Had been a happy Verizon FiOS customer for many years, until

past 6 months or so. Erratic connection loss, Internet speed at snail's pace

(paying for 10mbps/2mbps speed, getting 0.34mbps download speed). At least 4

techs came, couldn't figure out the issue. Changed ISP to RCN, at 40mbps/5mbps

speed. Same stuff. 2nd tech came, found some moisture seeped in the outside

cable, replaced, the speed went back to 40/5, but just for 2 days, back to the

same again. Now WiFi is almost non-existence in the house, Netflix streaming

(thru Wii, sitting within 8 ft from the router/modem), painfully stops every 2-3


Irony is, I have another Win 7 machine with 16gb ram, 1TB+500GB, which runs

fine all the time (as opposed to my old XP-home, 2gig RAM, 500+250gig HDs). I

intend to keep at least one machine in the house w/Win XP on it (because, I have

an old audio editing program that doesn't run on Win7, and I have to have that

software). An RCN tech came, but didn't find moisture this time in outside

cables. Did switch the router+modem (unlike Verizon, RCN has a dedicated

N-router connected to the modem, it's not built into one device like Verizon), ran

all sorts of check, changed some inside cables too. Same stuff. At the end he

said since the new PC runs fine, but the old one doesn't, it must be the PC itself.

So, I formatted the HD and clean-installed XP. The Internet connection is good

sometimes (40mbps on, awful most of the time (.20mbps). It's

weird, the new PC is super fast, but the old PC sitting next to it is so slow, Netflix

streaming is VERY choppy, and now my daughter's iPod Touch takes for ever to

connect thru WiFi.
I am about to throw the old PC out the window, and build an i3 with Windows XP.

But that's ridiculous to build a PC just so I can run that old software on it.
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    Really does look like you covered most of the bases people would find a problem.
    Ruled out the cables outside and inside.
    Ruled out viruses with the format and reinstall
    I know it isn't XP because that is what i still have as well and i run 30/5 just fine
    2GB of ram is plenty to run XP

    Does the system have on-board LAN, or is it a card? You may want to think about getting a card if you have an open slot. They are a world cheaper than building a new PC. And if you did build a new PC you might need one anyway.

    Hopefully someone can come up with a few other idea's. What boggles me is that you said after they replaced the cable the old system DID get the speed it should for 2 days.
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  3. Thanks Steimy for your response. Yours is the only response I got, so I have nothing else to compare with.
    The issue is still there, now the phone (connected to the modem, apparently a digital phone RCN calls it) is having issues.

    They are planning a major overhaul, re-cabling from the drop-box outside the house.

    Take care.
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