Disabled network adapter, restarted and now not showing up in network and sharin

I disabled my network adapter then restarted and now the adapter is no longer showing up in my network connections. How in the world do I get it back? I have looked at other options (like under the registry which was suggested on a couple of places). I have never seen this happen before. I even reinstalled my drivers and still nothing. How do I enable it again?

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  1. Hi :)

    RE-ENABLE it in device manager...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. It is no longer showing up in device manager but it is enabled in BIOS. Plus is shows up in the system info. Its the weirdest thing. I have two network adapters onboard and the second one is working but I sometimes use the other for dual lans. Its not uninstalled either, just cant find the icon in network settings to enable it.

    Thanks for the suggestion, but looked there first thing.
  3. i would try in device manager to check if the new material detection found something
  4. I tried that but it didnt. It wasnt unistalled, just disabled. I even try to see if it was hidden in the device manager and nope, still not there.

  5. Ok, I have an update....out of pure frustration, I shut down the computer, unplugged it for about an hour while I ate something, came back, plugged it back up and wham, there is was. I was able to enable it and all is back to normal. I never even thought about discharging the power supply (although I have done that a million times before for other things). Thank to everyone that tried to help, I greatly appreciate it!

  6. your welcome
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