Selecting the correct computer

I'm planning on buying a new desktop.

I will run:
Windows 7
Microsoft Office 2010

Music: listen to online radio
Music: burn cd’s
Internet explorer

Typically I have open:
Excel 1-3 spreadsheets open
Word 1-2 documents open
Internet: Online weather open, online radio, 2-4 other sites open

Future use, upon new computer delivery.
Microsoft office professional project scheduler
Residential building estimating software
Cad Program

What CPU I really need?

Thank You in Advance:
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  1. If your asking for advice on building a computer you need to post in the System's section and follow the template.
  2. I can build you a system here, but I need to know what you are looking at for budget figures and how important it is that everything goes really snappy.

    In particular, what CAD program and how much of the value of the PC to you will center on your good experiences with it.

    The name of the residential building estimating software would be nice too.

    Pretty much the entire price of the computer is going to be determined by what your CAD experience. If you weren't going to be using CAD at all, you could probably get by with a $250 - $300 DELL.

    If you want to be doing really high end CAD stuff, it will be quite a lot higher.
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