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I have a Asus P5 P800 VM motherboard with AGP 8X graphics card slot. Windows XP op sys. Current graphics card..GeForce 2MX-400 TWV.064-A4-NV44-81. want to upgrade graphics card. Will a Force 6600 or a 6200 be better?
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  1. at this point there really isnt any sense in putting money into this computer...the hardware you will be putting in is outdated and costs alot more than it are better off saving the money and putting it towards a new pc...but if you are really looking into getting a new agp gpu look on ebay the fastest nvidia agp card you can pretty much get is a was a decent card...i still have one in my closet lol as memorabilia
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    I would just use that PC for internet browsing or give it to someone that doesn't have a PC and just build a new one.
  3. if you are determined to get a new agp card here is a link to a buy it now on ebay...probably the only place you will find it unless someone has one up on craigslist lol
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