Dell CPU Upgrade?

Hi what cpu could my 4700 take what about the 670 or 662 or 672? right now i have a 520
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  1. You need to specify what 4700, 670,662,672,520 are.

    Its like going to a store and saying "I want 10". It could be 10 apples or 10 cases of beer.

    Also if hafijur predicted the correct components, I'd say its not worth it to upgrade. A pentirum 4 to another pentium 4 is still a crappy pentium 4. Either invest in a new computer or just use it as is. Any upgrade is a waste.
  2. So i wont have any performance boost by changing to a faster Pentium 4 the 670 is a 3.80GHz but i don't know if its compatible
  3. it wouldnt be worth it, and a waste of money, do u have money for a new budget rig? if not saveup simply getting a new p4 is a dead end investement.
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