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hey i had some issues with a graphics card that ive just sent away few days ago and i have a i5 3450 cpu so i thort maybe while the graphics card is being looked at see how well my pc can perform with out the graphics card.

just to see if it was really the graphics card im sure it was being it would give me artifacts and would give me a white or black or red screen when connected to my graphics card.

and when i got them and it wouldnt recover like sometimes it did i would unplug from the graphics card and plug it into the motherboard instead because ive got lucid virtu mvp i can plug it into either and not have to restart or change something in bios to switch i could switch on the fly but when i plug it into the motherboard it would show the desktop like nothing has gorn wrong no lag or anything and when i plug it back into the graphics card

the red/white/black/blue/grey screen would still be their untill i restart my pc anyways so thats what made me think my graphics card is dieing it was a sapphire 7770ghz oc edition and so ive sent it to them to get it fix anyways one of the problems when i did have my graphics card

was that it was using 997mbs of 1gb of the GDDR 5 and when it used that much ram the game would lag so thort the display and vram of the graphics card was dieing but now when im playing games like borderlands and others i can play them with good fps on 1280x1080 or 1020 x 768 but it would just lagg sometimes i was watching fraps fps in the corner of my screen

and it would just freeze or drop a bit for 1 or 2 seconds and its not a constant drop or lagg it happens a few times in a 20min game but could it be my memory or would this be expected from using integrated graphics for gaming
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  1. the igpu in the i5-3450 i think was the HD 2500 and isn't very strong. don't expect to readily play 1280x1080 as that's more of the resolution that AMD apu's and the HD4000 play at normally.
  2. well i can do 1280x1080 on the less demanding games but can play the 1020x768 on normal quality but anyways i think i have fixed the probem idk whats goin on with my system its thinkin its less then what it actually is i think

    because last night i had to turn on xmp because the motherboard was thinkin my 1600mhz kingston hyper ram 4gb x 2 ram sticks were 1333mhz so i had to change that in the motherboard last night and now ive fixed another memory issue which was a problem for 32bit users but im 64bit and problem is u gotta engage the 3gb thing for the memory for the 32bit users wen 64 bit users dnt have to but apparently i had to

    that fps lagg i was talkin about when playin borderlands it hadnt done it once when i enabled it like 30 mins ago thats 30 mins of gameplay or 20 mins and i didnt have one lagg or fps drop so i think their is other things my pc hasnt got enabled that its suppost to have enabled like for instance had to also last night

    change on the bios to display when the cpu overheats and when my cpu fan and system fans have a fault arnt they suppost to be engaged already ? but that solves my ram issues and even when im playin these games now with my igpu its only using 1 or 1.5gbs of ram outta 5.9gbs free of 8gbs why is it using so little ?
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