Processor fan starts then stops - HP Pavilion a6700y

I am working on a PC for someone and what is happening is you press the power button and the case and CPU fan both start spinning then after a couple seconds the CPU fan stops but the case fan keeps spinning. Nothing ever displays on the monitor and no beep codes.

Troubleshooting I have done:
I have replaced motherboard (original board had blown caps, which I thought was the issue to begin with), replaced CPU, Tried a different power supply that I know works, tried different memory that I know is good, replaced Cmos battery. I have tried powering on with only 24 pin, 4 pin plugs plugged into the motherboard and all other cords disconnected from board. I feel like I have tried everything. I am afraid the board or CPU that I got are bad. No way for me to test that. And of course you can't buy the factory stuff new. Just checking to see if anyone else has any ideas first.

System specs:
AMD Phenom X4
MCP61pm-hm motherboard
500GB Hard drive

Thank you for any help, I got money stuck into this thing that the user will have to pay me so need to get this working.
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  1. just try assembling your component outside your cabinet and make sure the board or anything else does not get shorted in any way. It might be like your board is shorting. then see what happens? you need to give power and short the motherboard power pin to start the motherboard.
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