Need help with getting a new graphics card

So i want to put a new graphics card into my computer. I have a Gateway DX4860-UR33P.

And i was wondering since i only have 1 PCIe x16 slot will i still be able to put this graphics card into my computer?
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    you can, but in order to do so you MUST change the power supply no questions about it if you want to run that card.
  2. You are most likely going to need a power supply upgrade.

    You could go with that. And then go with this:

    That should keep you in the budget if you have one. You can lower the card down to a 7770 if you need to stay within the budget.

    Also replacing the power supply really is not that hard. So dont say you cant do it.
  3. I understand that i will need a new power supply. i just needed to be sure my computer can run it first. so i dont waste my money on a power and then find out that i cant even put a new graphics card in my computer.
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  5. Then yes you will be able to run the card, just make sure you get the power supply to go with it.

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