CPU Fan running very loud


I have just today had a pc built with the following specs
Motherboard: ASRock A75 Extreme 6
CPU Cooler: Scythe Ninja 3 Rev B
Videocard: GeForce GTX550 Ti
CPU AMD A-8 3870K Llano Black Edition
Powerfeed: Sharkoon WPM500

And other stuff that is probably irrelevant

Now the problem is that on first startup my CPU fan seemed very loud (I have tested this and I know its my CPU fan since I stuck my finger between the fan). After updating my drivers and updating my bios the CPU fan still remains very loud.

According to my ASRock tuning software and my bios it is running at 1800+ RPM constantly, I have tried changing these settings in my Bios and the Tuning software to no avail.

Previously my case fan controls were also not working, but they are running at 1400 rpm on their lowest settings currently (which is ridicilous and not that quiet either), I got them to work after updating my Bios.

Important note: Speedfan registers a different CPU fan speed than my Bios and the Tuning software and cannot control the fan speeds at all.

My Bios is currently set to default settings (post bios flash) with Cool n Quiet enabled.

I was wondering if anyone knew a fix for this as I am hard pressed to take the 30 min drive back to the store to find out I could've fixed this.

And yes, I have checked and the CPU fan is connected to a 4 prong CPU fan slot (CPU Fan 1)
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  1. disable the cool and quiet also did you put thermal paste between cooler and cpu what temp you got using this http://www.hwinfo.com/
  2. Cool and Quiet disabled, no difference, there is Thermal Paste present as smeared upon it by the company that built it for me, hwinfo's 64bit version tells me in not on a 64 bit version even though I am.

    Core temp at 23 centigrade when idle, 36 when playing a game on Ultra
  3. On a side note: It says that my ''Aux'' (whatever that is) is 100 centigrade?
  4. you could use the 32 bits one from hw info ,your temp are good did they install the cd that came with the motherboard
  5. I installed the drivers myself, I bought it without a OS
  6. did you install the one for the motherboard
  7. I did, there was a AMD All in One driver set that came with it
  8. <a href="http://imgur.com/35cxa"><img src="http://i.imgur.com/35cxa.png" alt="" title="Hosted by imgur.com" /></a>

    This is what it looks like
  9. http://imgur.com/35cxa

    Is what my Tuning looks like
  10. this fan is a 4 pins one do you use the fan directly connect on the board or the manual control that came with also i would check asrock there is some update on the driver for your board
  11. As stated in my initial post, it is connected to CPU Fan 1, a 4 slots pin on my motherboard, there are no updated drivers available at the moment
  12. nice temp nothing to worry,your fan run at is max speed that why it seams loud see if they fix it correctly on the board http://www.scythe-usa.com/product/cpu/121/scnj3100_index.html
  13. Well that's the entire problem, hahahaha, I don't want it to constantly run at max :)
  14. then i would check with the builder why the fan is always working at full speed without any load on the cpu
  15. Yes well the entire point of me asking here is to not have to go through their repair process for what MIGHT be a simple fix, I have limited transportation :)
  16. stick around somebody could have another idea
  17. On page 65 of your manual BIOS setting for CPU fan control you have full on or automatic mode (default value full on) check your BIOS setting.
  18. My CPU Fan 1 is set to Automatic at Level 1 with a target heat of 50 centigrade, changing these values changes nothing for my actual fan speed

    My Tuning/BIOS settings http://imgur.com/35cxa
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