I7 3770K or GTX 680

I was going to build a gaming system. Which is better? a i5 3570K + GTX680 or a i7 3770k + GTX670. The price for each combo is about the same. I want some recommendations.
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  1. Depends on what you are going to do besides gaming.
  2. im going to game, watch movies, record music. but mostly game
  3. i5-3570k + GTX 680 is the better combo.
  4. can i have a more detailed answer? such as why? is the difference in gaming fps better than the difference in processor performance? vice versa?
  5. If you are on a budget, I would suggest the i5 3570K and the EVGA GTX 670 FTW. The FTW card is even faster and beats the reference GTX 680 in most games and it's $100 cheaper. You can get the i7 3770K, but you will not see any improvements over the i5 in gaming.


  6. The difference between the 3570K and the 3770K is hyperthreading. Since no games can take advantage of this, it is simply useless.

    Honestly, I'd go i5-3570K and a 670, then drop the extra money on an SSD or better cooling.

    This is because the 670 only has a 3-5% performance difference than the 680, not justifiable for the $100+ difference in price.
  7. For gaming a video card is usually more important, and a 3570 vs a 3770 in gaming is almost no difference. If you overclock them, they're basically on par in terms of gaming, that's why a better video card would all the difference. Gaming is rarely CPU limited, only when you have a total crap CPU paired with an awesome video card. Really the only difference between the 3570k and the 3770k is HT and slightly larger cache + 100mhz. HT doesn't do anything for gaming, and the cache rarely (but sometimes) has an effect. Therefore the GTX 680 is the better choice. But if I were you, I'd just OC my 670 and get a 3570 and save some money.
  8. In my opinion a GTX 680 is a waste of money when you have a $100 cheaper EVGA GTX 670 FTW's beating most of them in most games.
  9. The 3570 is more of a gaming processor. The 3770 has Hyperthreading, which is useful in terms of video editing and rendering, but its nearly useless in terms of gaming.

    The 3570/680 would be better. But I'd just go with the 670, since the 680 isnt enough of a performance upgrade.
  10. Also is a corsair cs600w power supply sufficient?
  11. Yes it is for a single card setup. If you plan to SLI the GTX 670, a Corsair 750W would be a good PSU.
  12. Both of the combos are good but you should really consider a third one.

    This HD 7970 is a bit more pricey than a GTX 670 but its also more powerfull than a 7970 GHZ Edition which in is more powerfull than a GTX 680.

    If you are going to overclock i strongly recommend buying a Core i5 2600K.It's cheeper than a 3770K and when overclocked also becomes faster.
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