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I bought a gtx 650 ti for gaming but is not working as well as i expected, the thing is that my computer restarts/reboot when i play a game, also it doesn't play the games as well as it supposed to be. I pretty much did everything needed for the installation uninstall previous video card drivers, but also its and integrated or onboard graphic cards. It also can be my cpu as it is not very new, and when i opened my case it was kindadusty. Anyways here are my computer specs
Windows 7 32 bits
Athlon IIX2-3.0GHz
Motherboard:MS 7549 (785GTM-E45)
Ram 2GB Drr2
Gpu Gtx 650 ti
Power supply 400 w
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  1. It is probably not your Graphics card. It's probably your lack of RAM creating a bottleneck, try upgrading to at least 4GB of DDR3 RAM for gaming.

  2. it might be the ram too, but the graphic card oveheats and i think the cpu does too, and the gpu is brand new , like i was playing dota 2 and the temperature went too 100 celsius
  3. I'd do a clean re-install of the Graphics driver software, if not, you may have a faulty card or be running under too much load... Is it the stock fan you have on it?
  4. The 5 main reasons are:
    Clogged Fan
    Broken Fan
    Faulty Drivers
    Inefficient Airflow (This could be the fault of you case)
  5. So should i clean all the fans any instructions? i dont think its overclicking as sometime i'm just browsing on the web and it shuts down, and this happened even before i owned the card but now its almost every time I tunr on my computer. pretty much most of the inside of it its dusty
  6. Dust is the enemy of ANY and ALL electronics!! Clean your computer case, your fans, and any dust you can physically see. If after you clean the dust bunnies up and its still over heating, throw your pc directly in the trash can.... Im just kidding about that. But you should see some positive results from cleaning the dust out. What kind of case are you using?
  7. cleaning out ur pc, would help. also upgrading ur ram to 4gigs would make a big difference.
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