Ugrades for Dell Inspiron 660

Dell Inspiron 660

Intel Core i3 2130
3m cache 3.4 ghz
6GB Memory
300 watt supply

I just received it as a Christmas present last month.

I'm trying to upgrade the Power Supply
and install a 1GB Graphics card

Any Suggestions?
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  1. do you have a budget?
  2. Yeah $200 is my budget.
  3. What is the purpose of your upgrade, if games, which is the most power demanding in your list? $200 is very limited budget.
  4. not for gaming. I just want to make apps for android or ios with unity 3d which requires a graphics card not a high end one, But decent one.
  5. Do you have any minimum or recommended requirements for your needs, are your applications have special requirements in terms of rendering, or does it state anywhere which video card suppose to be?
    Sapphire 7750 DDR5 will work without upgrading power supply. How much more you need. Review feedback on newegg, maybe it would be enough for you. Power supply alone wouyld cost you around 60-80 USD, so for 200 USD 7750 is the best choice.
  6. you can get a antec vp model psu for 50$ and a 650ti gpu for 149$
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