Would my PSU support a 6870? 450W

Got meself a CoolerMaster GX 450W PSU, and am thinking about getting a 6870 for £100.

Would I be able to use the 6870 and see any performance boost over my 6670 ddr3 with my core 2 duo E6700 @ 3.2GHz?

I do plan on upgrading my processor to an AMD Phenom II x4 (Involves new mobo) as well.

Currently have :

2 X 7200 RPM HDDs
1 X CD DVD RW -R +R Drive
4 X 1GB DDR2 667 MHz RAM
1 X C2D E6700 @3.2GHz
1 X SoundBlaster Titanium Fatal1ty 7.1 Pro
1 X Netgear Wireless USB Dongle

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Your PSU can handle the GPU fine. You have a good amount of amps and watts into the 12V Rail. But what I am considered with is that your PSU has 1 PCI-E power connector, because the card uses 2 PCI-E connectors. What you can do is have a molex to PCI-E adapter, so that you can provide 2 PCI-E power connectors to the card.

    I assume it's this PSU:

    You will see a considerable improvement over the 6670.

    Hope that helps :)
  2. No problem...You are good to go. My friend is running GTX 460 1GB on CM Extreme 500w for 2+years without freeze or lock ups.....Although its known to be a crappy PSU
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