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I kinda missed the train with all these new memory coming out. Now I am gonna upgrade to ECS K7S5A with some >1GHz Athlon, but I have no clue about DDR memory specs..

What is the difference between 1600, 2100 and 2400 besides the price? How much advantage I would get from buying higher number?

If you are too lazy to wright the reply, but know about a place where I can read up on it (in laymen's terms), please do not be shy and share the address!

Thanks for all the fish... hmm, I mean, help!
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  1. pc1600 pc2100 and pc2400 all refer to the speed of the fsb. pc1600 can run 2000(100*2), pc2100 can run at 266(133*2), and pc2400 can run at 300(150*2). it is termed ddr for double data rate and what it does is clock data on both edges of the dram clock. for a good website check out either micron's site www.micron.com or crucial.com which should provide you with all the info you'll need. make sure you cpu can handle the accelerated speeds. athlon c's have this option

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  2. Thanks, got it.

    Another question: my old non-PC100 memory worked fine on my 100 MHz system, and I was able to change the CL3 to CL2 and it still worked.
    How big is the chance that PC1600 will work on 266 MHz system?
  3. pc1600 is not the best performing ddr memory. not many people that i know of have used it. for a 266 id really recommend the pc2100 which is really dropped in price 256 mg $35.99 on crucial. to answer your question, the pc1600 would work, but not well.

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  4. for yous system youll need pc2100
    with amd you wont be overclocking with fsb so you dont need anything faster...

    if in doubt blame microsoft...
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